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Enhanced Survey Monitoring and Quicker Analysis for Program Improvement in India

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Lei Lei Tun

Marketing Specialist


Jul 1, 20

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In the past, it took KGVK months to digitize and analyze survey data before sharing reports with key staff. By 2019, using OpenFn, KGVK was able to monitor data in near real-time and better serve the needs of its communities.


KGVK is a non-profit organization with a mission to improve the livelihood of Jharkhand villagers in India.

KGVK has developed an integrated approach to development called the Total Village Management model (TVM). This approach, adapted to the rural setting, focuses on different key areas: natural resources management, education, renewable energy, livelihood, women’s empowerment, capacity building, resource mobilisation, infrastructure development, and health, nutrition, and sanitation.

As part of its TVM intervention, KGVK administers an in-depth household survey to tens of thousands of beneficiaries around Jharkhand each year. This survey allows KGVK to evaluate access to education, financial services, healthcare, and agriculture across the villages.

Without data integration, it took KGVK months to digitize, analyze, and report on the survey data.

Using OpenFn to configure a ODK-to-Salesforce integration, KGVK was able to connect is mobile survey collection tool (ODK) with its M&E database (Salesforce). The real-time data flow enabled KGVK to build dynamic dashboards to monitor the village surveys, ensuring faster analysis. With enhanced data access, KGVK can more regularly evaluate and adjust its programs to better serve the needs of the Jharkhand communities it serves.

The photo above was originally posted on the KGVK Achievements site.

Lei Lei Tun

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