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Trusted by leading impact organizations worldwide

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Headshot of Sid Weisner

We have been using OpenFn for several years now. It has been invaluable for automating data pipelines and shifting toward real-time data and feedback to help teams better manage field activities

Logo for MyAgro

Sid Weisner

CTO, MyAgro

Headshot of Amanda Springer

OpenFn has been a reliable digital infrastructure choice, enabling automation and scale for our global organization, and providing very high quality work and support in every engagement.

Logo for MiracleFeet

Amanda Springer

Director of Program Solutions, MiracleFeet

Headshot of Peter Ricketts

We needed a flexible integration platform providing affordable interoperability between disparate technologies. OpenFn ticked all our boxes and significantly streamlined the integration options.

Logo for Open Solutions for Health

Peter Ricketts

CEO, Open Solutions for Health

Headshot of Hildah Ngondoki

OpenFn has increased our efficiency by enabling the seamless flow of data within our organization, allowing us to focus on what matters most - making a positive impact.

Logo for Lwala

Hildah Ngondoki

Digital Director, Lwala

Trusted by leading impact organizations worldwide

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